• Projektor JVC DLA-RS45

Symbol: DLA-RS45
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- jasność 1300 ANSI,
- kontrast 50 000:1,
- jasne obrazy w wysokiej rozdzielczości dzięki zastosowaniu chipów D-ILA,
- konwersja z 2D do 3D,
- wygodna funkcja zapamiętywania ustawień obiektywu,
- funkcja korekcji zniekształceń kolorów,

1300-lumen Brightness and Native Contrast Ratio of 50,000:1

In order to ensure excellent picture quality even in brightly lit living rooms, the DLARS45 offers both a brightness level of 1300 lumens
and a 50,000:1 native contrast ratio. When these features are combined with JVC’s D-ILA device that eliminates adverse screen effects,
viewers can always enjoy bright, vivid, and crystal-clear image reproduction.

Three Screen Adjustment Modes
The Screen Adjustment modes on the DLA-RS45 analyze the RGB reflective characteristics of the screen being used to ensure optimum correction levels. Viewers can select from one of three parameters to achieve an outstanding picture with natural colour balance.

Lens Memory Function
This function records up to three separate lens adjustments for zoom, shift and focus that can be easily recalled when needed.
Focus, zoom (size) and shift (display position) characteristics can be recorded for video content in different aspect ratios such as
when using a CinemaScope screen size (2.35:1) or standard 16:9 screen and readily switched between each setup via the remote controller.

D-ILA 3D Projection
JVC's original D-ILA driving method reproduces superlative 3D content with vivid colours and helps to reduce crosstalk.
But best of all, DLA-RS45 is also equipped with other innovative 3D functions.

Crosstalk Cancelling: The innovative Crosstalk Cancelling function significantly reduces crosstalk from intensity levels that are likely to generate this phenomenon by first analyzing the video signal for the left and right eyes and then correcting the levels via an original algorithm.
This ensures the reproduction of more natural and clearer images that are easier on the eyes to heighten the viewing enjoyment of realistic 3D
video content.

2D-3D Conversion: The real-time 2D-3D converter featured on JVC’s IF-2D3D1 Professional 3D Image Processor has been modified for home projector use and is now featured on the DLA-RS45. This means that 2D video recorded on camcorders and from TV broadcasts can be converted into 3D video instantaneously for home stereoscopic viewing enjoyment. Other adjustment functions are available such as Depth Adjustment for matching 3D effects to the original source or viewer preferences, and adjustment of subtitle distortion that can be generated during 2D-3D conversion.


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