Symbol: FD630U
Kontrast 2000:1
Technologia DLP
Rozdzielczość natywna (px) (2) 1920 x 1080
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Darmowa wysyłka UPS 0
Kurier UPS (Pobranie) 25
Wysyłka ekranu poniżej 250 cm 30
Wysyłka ekranu poniżej 250 cm za pobraniem 40
Wysyłka ekranu powyżej 250 cm 190
Wysyłka ekranu powyżej 250 cm za pobraniem 250
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Technologia: FULL HD, DLP,

* Lampa: 4000 ANSI lm,
* Kontrast: 2000:1,


* 2XD-Sub 15pin,
* 2x audio stereo mini Jack,
* Composite video,
* S-Video,
* Audio RCA (L/R),
* Monitor out,
* audio stereo mini Jack out,
* RS232C,
* RJ45 LAN,

* Funkcje: Instant shut down,

* żywotność lampy: 3000/5000h eco,
* waga: 3,8 kg,
* Głośność: 35/29dB eco,
* polskie menu


Stand-by Mode under 1W*1

Stand-by (low) mode power consumption is less than 1W, offering increased energy savings and further contributing to environmental preservation.


Stand-by mode with network turned off, 3W in normal mode with network turned on.
Long 5,000hr*2 Lamp Life

By increasing the estimated lamp life, we've added the advantages of lower maintenance and reduced operating cost.

Lamp Replacement Frequency (*3)
Lamp Replacement Frequency


When used in low lamp mode. Maximum lamp life in standard mode use is 3,000 hours.


Lamp life refers to the average time required for brightness to be reduced by half, and not the time specified in the warranty. Lamp service life may vary widely depending on the environment and conditions, and whether or not cleaning and other maintenance procedures are followed.

DLP™ projectors are structurally airtight, eliminating the need for an intake filter under normal conditions, and lowering costs.

Exceptionally Quiet
Silent 29dBA Operation (in low mode)

Like giving a presentation in a suburban residential area in the middle of the night! That's the operating sound level promised by the FD630U.

Clear, Vivid Images
High brightness 4000lm and high contrast 2000:1

A high brightness and a high contrast level for presentations in large meeting rooms and conference halls.


High-power projection – Distance increased 1.5x

The FD630U is equipped with a specially calibrated lens for high-power projection. Projection distances from 1.9 to 2.8m (73 to 110 inch) are possible using a 60-inch screen, and brilliant, crystal-clear images are assured even when projection distance is short.
Full 1080p Dramatically Expands Your Image

Large capacity visual images are impossible to reproduce in full with conventional XGA projectors. The FD630U is compatible with HDTV broadcasts and Blu-ray Disc to project impressive and full 1080p images in all their original digital glory.

XGA(1024 X 768)

1080p(1920 X 1080)

Array of Convenient Functions
Top-loading lamp for easier maintenance

The projection lamp is installed in the upper section of the main body. Whether sitting on a shelf or suspended from the ceiling, lamp replacement is simple and easy(*4), and there's never a need to move the whole projector.


A lamp replacement attachment is included to prevent the lamp from being dropped during replacement.
Top-loading lamp for easier maintenance
Loud 10W built-in speaker

A high-volume, 10W speaker is built-in, eliminating the need for an external speaker.

Loud 10W built-in speaker + Audio Mix
Microphone capability with mixing input audio source

Using the "Audio Mix(*5)" feature and wireless microphone sold separately, the presenter's voice is reproduced loud and clear in real-time.


Only compatible with stereo mini-jack. Not compatible with RCA jack (L/R) or HDMI.
Visual PA broadcasting of various written messages

The FD630U is equipped with our new Visual PA2 feature, which provides message input/save and voice announcement functions as well. Emergency messages prepared in advance can be sent simultaneously to all projectors connected on the LAN. The software is also capable of recognizing messages input via the keyboard and provide a verbal announcement, increasing the effect of the message by reading it out loud. This system is ideal for broadcasting important information to multiple rooms in school or office buildings.
Visual PA2

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